NGO dedicated to raising funds to help families to enjoy food in their homes during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth lunar month of the Muslim calendar and in which the Quran descended as a guide for people.
Daily fasting and prayer are practiced from dawn until sunset in order to get closer to God.

There are many families in the world that in their daily lives do not have easy access to food and so that they can have a special Ramadan, MAHI DAILA unites people who want to help with those who need help. We capture funds in our bank account under the pseudonym chosen by the participant in the concept of the transaction and once received, it is published on the web.

MAHI DAILA raises funds and sends them to Bangladesh where a team of volunteers organizes to create food packages and deliver them to the most needy families in their community.

It should be noted that 100% of the money is sent to Bangladesh and MAHI DAILA is sustained by the contributions of its creator to ensure that there is no confusion in your donations and you have the peace of mind that everything you donate is for the citizens.

Every cent counts, your help counts!